What’s best to consume after chemotherapy?

What's best to consume after chemotherapy? could not drink

Dealing with my chemotherapy I could not drink milk. Upset my stomach. I could not eat chocolate during chemotherapy either … However I are now able to during radiation! -]

I’d a terribly upset/acidity stomach after i began the Taxol treatment. My oncologist recommended I take Prilosec, which have been effective. My onc recommended that I’m guessing every single day, however i used just is with an "when needed basis". Try that.

About soy … Obviously you will see differing opinions. So, I known as my oncologist. I’m drinkng soy milk with my coffee and rather of milk. I’ve half coffee with half a mug of soy milk. I still can’t drink my usual cup of black coffee.

Anyway, I known as my oncologist concerning the soy dialogue we’ve been getting here. He stated the priority was with artifical soy supplements. He provided the Alright to keep consuming my soy milk.

I lost one pound per week during chemotherapy. Helped me happy! Among the negative effects of radiation is lose of appetite. Works best for me! Excess fat loss!

If you’re doing smoothies, I would suggest yogurt, not frozen, but a natural yogurt with the good bactria inside it. This may also help to rebalance your nausea. Mix the smoothie with yogurt, dry milk, any blue colored berry (cancer fighting berries are blue), or berry of preference … add some form of protein powder. I resided on these for 16 days during chemotherapy, but still like them!

Also, drink instant breakfast … has protein and tastes good. Can perform chocolate using the instant breakfast.

Anyway, this stuff labored for me personally. I am sure you’ll find what works well with you.


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