Save the tatas


Save the tatas that can help with team

Saturday, October tenth Tournament Time (3:30 PM – 6:00 PM )

3v3 Tournament

October is National Cancer Of The Breast Awareness Month, and Chicago Futsal Academy will raise money for that Cancer Of The Breast Research Foundation through our annual 3v3 Save the Tatas Tournament. This past year we with each other elevated as many as $960 with 16 teams. Our new goal would be to double the amount earnings for any objective of $1,920.00 having a total 32 teams. The tournament includes men’s, coed and women’s divisions. The winners will get the coveted Save The Tata’s championship t-shirt and free celebratory team pizza following the game. Raffle Tickets is going to be provided with door prizes. For each dollar spent in the Save the Tatas after party get a raffle ticket for door prizes. Raffles is going to be announced at 7:00 PM

Concerning the 3v3 Game

  • Teams: Roster 5 Player Maximum
  • $25 per player $125 per team
  • 20 minute games 10 minute halves 5 min half occasions

Items to bear in mind (3v3) Game:

3 v 3 Tournament is amazingly fast-paced games and subs are essential frequently. Because of the small field size and smaller sized goals result in the 3v3 game about technical ability. A fast and technical player is going to be highly effective within the 3v3 game. An 11v11 field showcases a player’s overall speed and control of a lengthy distance. The 3v3 game removes a quicker player’s speed advantage and concentrates on technical ability on your ball. A really technical female player have a appealing factor more than a more powerful and faster male player. To be able to win the tournament the perfect 3v3 team each player won’t remain in fixed positions and can rotate through the field playing dual roles like a forward along with a defender. A 3v3 team needs to quickly transition to defense to offense rapidly to attain goals.


You will see field chaperones that can help with team calls and direct teams to another arena. This charitable organization game is about good competitive fun and responsible play calls and sportsmanship come first. It’s encouraged that teams be responsible arrive at an mutual agreement on calls. The chaperone can help clarify any discrepancies in 3v3 rules.

  1. No goal tending. No standing within 3 – 4 yards from the goal. (Must stay moving and can’t stay fixed while watching goal over 3-4 seconds.) Violators of goal tending is going to be penalized by playing one player lower for thirty seconds.
  2. NO SHOOTING Prior To The Midway Point. 3v3 matches it’s encouraged to apply your skill and agility to attain goals. You can’t take aim and shoot from inside your personal half. You need to pass the midway point to be able to score.
  3. Sub quickly, no regulation on subbing time.
  4. No throw ins. Balls should be kicked in.
  5. Corner kicks rules apply normally soccer games. (NO GOAL TENDING) Must stay moving and forwards can’t cherry pick inside the 3-4 yard range and should stay moving.
  6. Excessive fouls (3 consecutive fouls) lead to playing lower a guy for thirty seconds. Ball is positioned at the purpose of the foul. Blatant fouls (Especially o prevent goal scoring chance the gamer that commented the foul sits out for 30 sec.)
  7. No slide tackling
  8. Must put on indoor footwear, turf shores
  9. No Gum.

  • Food proceeds goes to profit cancer of the breast. You will see Raffles for each extra dollar spend at Estadio Grill.
  • Fundamental Play Package: (5 Players ) -$125.00
  • Play & Eat Package (5 Players)
  • 2 Large Pizzas includes 2 toppings + Fountain Drink – $165.00
  • Play, Eat, Drink Package (5 Players)
  • 2 Large Pizzas includes 2 toppings + Domestic Beer Pitchers (3) = $195.


"Save The Ta Tas" Unofficial PSA #2-B ("Snap" Ending)